Killa Professional Closed Head Guard

Killa Professional Closed Head Guard

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Head Gear with Face Guard 

Perfect for athletes that want to spar without the face contact! Fully molded plastic face bar is surrounded with a trio of sponge foam, and high and low density foams for a comfortable no penetration barrier. Fully padded forehead, ears and back with a full grain leather shell for an unbeatable training headgear. An adjustable chin strap, top and back Lace closure provide a custom fit for all users. A soft, smooth and durable inside liner allows athletes to wipe clean between uses.

Excellent To Help Protect From Punches! Padded, molded plastic face bar helps protect face from punches and strikes.Offers excellent visibility. Super light weight.Adjusts at top, back and under chin for excellent one-size-fits all wear.Soft, smooth inside liner for easy wear and care. 

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