Killa Professional Elite 14oz Velcro Boxing Gloves

Killa Professional Elite 14oz Velcro Boxing Gloves

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Killa Professional Elite 14oz Velcro Gloves 

- Limited addition
- Red with Black and Yellow colors
- 14oz Velcro

A great fit, with a “broken-in” feel, this is definitely considered a punchers glove.Killa have also taken the liberty of laminating the leather to offer greater protection for your hands and to give the glove added strength and stability required to go the championship distance. These gloves have been widely used in world championship fights and have been endorsed by some of the biggest names in the sport of boxing. These gloves provide an exceptional custom fit, unrivalled protection while still transmitting big power.

The form-fitting, pre-curved design of this professional fight glove fits any hand like it was custom made. Each pair is constructed of genuine leather with a special, 3-layer, polyurethane, foam rubber, quilted horse hair foam combination. The extra length, additional wrist support and multi-layered foam padding over the knuckles provides optimal fist protection. The nylon hand compartment is water repellent liner to help keep glove weight correct. Approved for use by all professional and state sanctioning bodies. Official size and weight

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